Hello, 2018!

I am stoked for 2018! Last year was all about building the tools needed to bring forth my best into the world. I dug deeper into healing, in ways I hadn’t fully dove into with previous attempts, and the work paid off. This year, I’ve been keen on setting intentions and goals for myself — my intentions function through specific keywords that carry the theme of the year, while my goals bring clarity and direction to my big picture.

My words for this year:

  • Pivot — Brought on by an inspired post by ultra athlete/lawyer Amelia Boone’s post, Rewriting the Script.
  • Buoyancy — Inspired by the phrase “hope floats,” derived from the 1998 film of the same name.
  • Being — Most influenced by my meditation sessions, a practice I stepped into during the latter parts of 2017.

A friend posted Richard Branson’s tips for happiness in 2018, and again the subject of being came up in the conversation. I hope to embrace the fullness of my “human being” in 2018.

I’m also putting effort into being present, another facet of being, both in the ongoing moments, and also in my scope of planning.

A few thoughts have come to mind in my planning, and I’ve used these thoughts to set my short-term and long-term goals:

  • What experiences do I want for myself in my life? (eg. I am doing this good thing __________ because I want the experience for myself.
  • How can I plan my days to better serve the present moment? (eg. The healthier I am, the more present I am able to be.)
  • In what ways can I be of use? Which ways can I choose to be of use that are sustainable and fulfilling for me, while also serving a higher good?

I read a quote recently that brought the latter point into perspective — I’ve since searched high and low for the source, but at present time it evades me. So I will paraphrase, “Life is not about using, or about being used, but rather being of use.” The thought touched me with it’s beauty and empowerment.

One goal I can share here, in part to keep me accountable, is to post three times a week. (!!!) To keep this goal realistic, the majority of my posts may be in a shorter format, such as a quote, a quick recipe, or some favorite links. I’ll also post longer format recipes, complete with photos, when the time and inspiration allows.

Have you set intentions or written down your goals for the new year? What are you most excited about for 2018?



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