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Meet the Author — glow_notes

Welcome to glow_notes! I’m so glad you made it!

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m Em — a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, nutritionally-dense gastronomy enthusiast, autodidact healer, weekend fermentista, part-time athlete, sun-starved nature lover, and overenthusiastic dog owner, among other things. I have a healthy interest in green living, healthy homekeeping, practical minimalism, functional design, and sustainable personal style, and I have an ever-present hunger and curiosity to continue learning useful things and sharing them with you here.

In this space, you can expect to find:

  • nutritious, easy to make recipes
  • bits on green beauty and slow fashion
  • thoughts on life and travel
  • a mention or two about fitness and curling
  • not sure what else yet, we’ll see!

I started glow_notes because I truly believe that nutritious meals and a joyful lifestyle can transform a person’s life. Time and time again, this belief has proven itself to be true – I’ve seen the transformation happen with my own eyes, both in other’s lives and my own.  Real food and a positive outlook are medicine, and when you eat the food your body needs and asks for, and adjust your mindset so your foundation of thought is empowering, your health and life will benefit greatly.

glow_notes is here to serve as a digital journal and a living archive for all the useful information I’ve learned and continue to learn on my healing path. My hope is that you’ll find this information as useful as I have, that you’ll be able to put what you learn to good use in your own life, and that you may even offer your thoughts and advice if you feel moved to participate.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

With Love, Em

ps. If you have a question or comment, and would rather send it via email, feel free to contact me at glownotes (at) gmail.com